Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistics

This lecture course was taught for 1st year Psychology and Human Sciences students.

Lecture Slides, Notes and Exercise Sheets

Lecture 1 : Plotting Data + Summaries L1.notes.pdf  L1.slides.pdf L1.exercise.pdf

Lectures 2+3 : Probability L2.notes.pdf L2.slides.pdf L2.exercise.pdf

Lecture 4 : Binomial Distribution L4.notes.pdf  L4.slides.pdf L4.exercise.pdf

Lecture 5 : Poisson Distribution L5.notes.pdf   L5.slides.pdf L5.exercise.pdf

Lecture 6 : Normal Distribution L6.notes.pdf  L6.slides.pdf L6.exercise.pdf

Lecture 7 : Hypothesis Tests L7.notes.df L7.slides.pdf L7.exercise.pdf

Lecture 8 : Chi-squared Tests L8.notes.pdf   L8.slides.pdf L8.exercise.pdf

Recommended Books

The two books that have been recommended in past years for Psychology and Human Sciences respectively are

HOWELL, David C. Statistical Methods for Psychology Fiffth Edition 802pp Hardback (ISBN 053437770) £26.99

COHEN, Lousi and HOLLIDAY, Michael Practical Statistics for Students 352pp Paperback (ISBN 1853963291) £17.99

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