Part B Foundations of Statistical Inference

This is a course on advanced statistical inference for 3rd year students studying Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford.

Course aims 

Understanding how data can be interpreted in the context of a statistical model. Working knowledge and understanding of key-elements of model-based statistical inference, including awareness of similarities, relationships and differences between Bayesian and frequentist approaches.


Exponential families: Curved and linear exponential families; canonical parametrization; likelihood equations. Sufficiency: Factorization theorem; sufficiency in exponential families.

Frequentist estimation: unbiasedness; method of moments; the Cramer-Rao information inequality; Rao-Blackwell theorem, Lehmann-Scheffe Theorem and Rao-Blackwellization.
Statement of complete sufficiency for Exponential families.

The Bayesian paradigm: likelihood principal; subjective probability; prior to posterior analysis; asymptotic normality; conjugacy; examples from exponential families. Choice of prior distribution: proper and improper priors; Jeffreys and maximum entropy priors. Hierarchical Bayes models.

Computational techniques: Markov chain Monte Carlo methods; The Metropolis-
Hastings algorithm. Gibbs Sampling. Variational Bayesian methods. The EM
algorithm. Approximations to marginal likelihood : Laplace approximation and

Decision theory: risk function; Minimax rules, Bayes rules. Point estimators and admissability of Bayes rules. The James-Stein estimator, shrinkage estimators and Empirical Bayes. Hypothesis testing as decision problem.

Lecture slides

PDF of all 16 lectures in 4up format : bs2a_4up.pdf

Problem sheets 

Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8


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Further reading

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