Jonathan Marchini 


Jonathan is now Head of Statistical Genetics and Methods at the Regeneron Genetics Center. Before that he was Professor of Statistical Genomics at the University of Oxford.




Kevin Sharp (Post doctoral researcher)

IMG_0077Kevin is interested in applying ideas from machine learning and computational statistics to help to identify the heritable factors and environmental exposures which influence complex traits and human diseases. Recently, this work has embraced improved methods of phasing in the context of large sample sizes and moderate to high coverage sequencing data, and a new method, GPMM to detect SNPs associated with phenotypes primarily through interaction with other genetic variants (epistasis).

Simone Rubinacci (DPhil Student)


Simone is a DPhil student in the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Center program and a member of St Catherine’s College. His research is focused on speeding up Bayesian inference methods in statistical genetics area using GPU computing.

Matthew Kerin (DPhil Student)


Matt is a student in the Genomic Medicine and Statistics doctoral programme. He is interested in developing efficient methods to identify gene-environment interactions, with the aim of using the UK BioBank as a model dataset. He is co-supervised by Dr Kevin Sharp.



Past group members


Niall Cardin – now at Google, Mountain View, CA.

Olivier Delaneau – Associate Professor the University of Lausanne.

Lloyd Elliott – Associate Professor at SFU.

Sile Hu – Post doctoral researcher with Prof Simon Myers


Sinan Shi – DPhil student with Prof Simon Myers

Daniel Wells – DPhil student with Prof Simon Myers

Christopher Gill – DPhil student with Prof Simon Myers

Victoria Hore – now a research scientist at Second Measure in San Francisco, USA.

Warren Kretzschmar – now a postdoc with Olof Emanuelsson in Stockholm, Sweden.

Andrew Dahl – post doc with Noah Zaitlen in San Francisco.

Marie Forest – now a Senior postdoc with Celia Greenwood in Montreal.

Jared O’Connell – now a research scientist at 23andMe.

Melissa Maczka – now a Data Science Fellow at The ASI.

Valentina Iotchkova  – Group Leader at WIMM, Oxford

Eleni Frangou – Medical Statistician at the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, Oxford

Claire Churchhouse  – now a Scientific Advisor at the AGTU in Boston

Androniki Menelaou – went on to a postdoc at UMC Utrecht with Paul De Bakker, now a Data Scientist at IMG Bank.

Teresa Ferreira – now a postdoc at BDI (Oxford) with Prof Cecelia Lindgren.

Joanne Gale – research fellow at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Bryan Howie   -went on to a postdoc at Chicago with Matthew Stephens, now a Lead Statistician at Adaptive Biotech in Seattle.

Zhan Su – went onto a postdoc at WTCHG, Oxford with Peter Donnelly, now a Quant at Sun Trading LLC.