I have been fortunate to work with a large group of very talented, passionate and hard working students and postdocs.


Name Date Research topic Last known employment
Niall Cardin 2006-2009 CNV association Google
Jason Liu 2007-2010 Genetics of smoking addiction
Olivier Delaneau 2010-2013 Phasing Assistant Professor, Lausanne
Kevin Sharp 2014-2019 Multi-trait GWAS Scientist, Genomics plc
Lloyd Elliott 2014-2018 Brain-imaging genetics Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Sile Hu 2016-2020 Uk Biobank finescale ancestry Research Scientist, Novo Nordisk
Zhangyi He 2016-2018 Phasing Research Associate in Data science, Imperial College London

DPhil Students

Name Date Research topic (+thesis link) Last known employment
Bryan Howie 2005-2010 Imputation Senior Director, Adaptive
Teresa Ferreria 2005-2010 GxG interactions Wellcome Center for Human Genetics
Joanne Gale 2005-2010 Multi-trait GWAS Research Fellow, University of Sydney
Zhan Su 2005-2010 Haplotype-based association Goldman Sachs
Androniki Menelaou 2009-2013 WGS Imputation Co-founder & COO, Katana Labs
Claire Churchhouse 2009-2013 Local Ancestry Estimation Associate Director, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research
Valentina Iotchkova 2009-2013 Multi-trait GWAS Associate Professor, WIMM, Oxford
Jared O'Connell 2009-2013 Genotype calling and phasing Senior Scientist, 23andMe
Marie Forest 2010-2014 Genealogical inference Senior Lecturer, ETS, Montreal
Melissa Maczka 2009-2013 Generative embedding for BOLD-fMRI
Eleni Frangou 2009-2013 Bayesian fine-mapping and meta-analysis Research Fellow, UCL
Victoria Close 2012-2016 Bayesian Tensor decomposition Research scientist, Second Measure, San Francisco
Warren Kretchmar 2012-2016 Phasing and imputation for lowcov sequencing Postdoc, Karolinska Institute
Andy Dahl 2012-2016 Multi-phenotype mixed models Associate Professor, U Chicago
Matt Kerin 2016-2020 GxE interactions Quantitative Researcher, Marshall Wace
Daniel Wells 2016-2020 Meiotic gene expression in mice Scientist, Genomics plc
Simone Rubinnacci 2016-2020 Imputation Postdoc, Lausanne
Sinan Shi 2016 - Genomics England